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What already happened ...

The following sections of this website were added or significantly updated with the time:

2011-06-12: Supernobby->On tour->Mexico
some pictures from a trip to Mexico

2009-04-23: Supernobby->Cars
Supernobby's motor show has opened.

2008-06-01: Supernobby->On tour->Seychelles
Some pictures from a trip to the Seychelles.

2007-01-13: Home->Welcome
Design has changed, no more green, but now with round corners!

2006-11-23: Games->Memory
A Memory-game in PHP featuring my zoo of plusch animals :-).

2006-11-15: Supernobby->On tour->Greece
Supernobby's pictures from Greece

2006-10-08: Supernobby->On tour->Malta
Supernobby's report from the visit on Malta

2006-07-03: Computer->Web-Technics->IP<=>Host
Optain IP adresse or internet host name with PHP

2006-04-01: Supernobby->On tour->Biene
Pictures from the spring sailing trip in Croatia

2006-01-19: Home->Welcome
The webseite is back again, now with a own domain!

2006-01-19: Supernobby->On tour->Moscow
Supernobby made some pictures in Moscow

(Pre-)History: The Supernobby-homepage actually exists now for quite some time, but after all it has been offline most of the time. Other things had became much more intersting or, much more worse, the providers closed down. The first one quitted at least with announcement.
With the next one it went ok for a while, until my account had been deleted during some maintenace work done by the provider. But soon after the re-registration all was unreachable again.
In late 2005 I restarted with new elan and a new provider. A few basic things like webcam, guestbook, picture-gallery etc. were done and some content was also added. But that provider could also not keep up with my homepage very long. In February 2006 they had to format their harddisk and so the Supernobby-webseite was gone again.
That was the moment when free providers finally could not be taken into account anymore.

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