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Hello dear people infront of the screen.

I'm always happy, if someone makes it up to here!

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2008-06-01: Supernobby->On tour->Seychelles

Where I am?

You reached my private website. I hope you like it, even if the design looks a bit poor. But I don't want to waste the worlds CPU power with to much colored Schnick-Schnack. In addition to this users with low-end computers and low-end browsers should also be able to see something. Nevertheless I'm always open for criticism and suggestions.

What's that for?

Friends, relatives and acquaintances as well as the rest of the world will hopefully find lots of interesting things here that can not be found at some other place :-). But besides this the site is also used to train and learn a bit more about HTML, PHP and MySQL. Further education is always worthwhile!

How to find something?

To change between the main sections of the site please use the horizontal menu bar above. On the left side you will then find a related submenu. For a fast entry one can also use the sitemap.

Well, have fun with this site!

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