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Supernobby and computers - a long story.

It really started, it was around 1990, with an AMIGA 500. It is still at home, admittedly put in his packing. The machine is still working but is switch on quite seldom nowadays. Equiped with 1MB chip memory and a second floppy drive this computer was really havy in use, for games and my own software projects. The latter first in AMIGA-Basic and then later also in C.

After that in 1996 I bought an AMIGA 4000T. This is probably also the computer where I invested the most money up to now. More infos on that machine can be found on the AMIGA-section.

Then I also had to think about x86-PCs, without you can't get by with it. Surely they are in use now more often, but this does not make this computers more popular than my AMIGA. They also run quite often with Linux and one main functionallity is the usage as television. And with the faster ones the AMIGA emulations runs also quite ok.

Somethen I collected first experiences with websites, out of which the Supernobby homepage arised with the time. Complete history for this can be found in the history-section.

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