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Sailing with Biene, March 2006

This spring sailing trip offered really everything, rain, storm, sunshine, calm. We were cruising through the Croatian Adriatic Sea with an Elan 31 called Biene.

Biene in Murter the autopilot approaching Vela Luka stormy weather northerly of the island Korcula storm was followed by rain, leaving Prigradica Biene in Milna, finally sunshine Milna with the annoying bell tower anchorage in a bay next to the island Drvenik Veli tied to a buoy next to the island Kakan sunset on the island Kakan the island Skulj in Kornati, 145m high sunrise at the salt lake on the island Dugi Otok cliffs of the island Dugi Otok Elan 31 twice, Biene on the right

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