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Urlaub auf den Seychellen, Herbst 2007


east coast of Mahé from above Anse Lazio on Praslin - quite crowded Coco de Mer nuts at Vallée-de-Mai the beach in front of our window - Grand Anse on Praslin small giant tortoise on Curieuse tortoise on the beach bus with driver highly visible: BUS STOP La Digue foot with spines of lime there are a lot of geckos Clock Tower in Victoria Anse Intendance on Mahé nice waves at Anse Intendance the only traffic light at the Seychelles central bus station of Victoria Beau Vallon Beach Victoria Karneval on the way to Anse Major the silhouette of Silhouette in the middle of the jungle spider's web on Morne Blanc finally somthing to see, Thérèse und Conception a little bit like Middle-earth ...

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